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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a maryland doctor is found dead inside a hotel. why police called the death
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suspicious. >> the man's body was found inside a room added rodeway inn. >> the way he was found is raising questions tonight. andrea? >> reporter: sources say a lot of the victim's belongings remained in that hotel room, but his wallet was missing. but robbery only begins to explain why police believe the 75-year-old was here at this hotel in the first place. crime scene detectives made multiple trips to haul away bags of evidence from the roadway inn. a 75-year-old guest was found dead just this afternoon. according to police he was found face up on the floor with a cloth or belt tied tightly around his neck. >> it makes you feel a little uneasy when you're working so close to something like that. >> reporter: sources say the man is a very successful psychiatrist in town who was married, and the circumstances surrounding his death could be sexual in nature. >> after a long trip coming to this, what is that like for you?
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>> a little shocking. a little shocking. >> reporter: despite the large police presence, guests continued to check in at the hotel and were give vn very lite information about what was going on. some were told police were conducting an investigation. >> i may not be staying here. it depends on what the circumstances are. >> reporter: while detectives have been gathering evidence, many questions remain. so far no arrests have been made. sources tell us they won't know the exact cause of death until an autopsy is complete. we're live tonight in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc news. copter 10 was over the scene tonight. a victim was shot in the face just after 10:30. a man was also shot in philadelphia. no arrest nz that case, either. we know the victims of a
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fiery crash over the weekend was the daughter of a notorious murderer. he was the passenger of a car that slammed into a parked tractor-trailer and caught fire early sunday morning. the driver, and a third person who has not been identified, also died in that crash. police say barton was driving too fast. the daughter of keith scavo was dead. he killed his mother and kimberly's boyfriend eight years ago. he dropped off giovana moments before the murders. he died in prison on death row. new developments tonight in the deadly las vegas strip crash. we're learning what the driver told police. plus a local college is getting ready to welcome some student athletes who were hurt in that crash, welcoming them back to campus tomorrow. they were in vegas for a tournament.
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nbc reports from bucks county. >> reporter: 19 people from delaware valley university are still in las vegas tonight, but they'll return here tomorrow. we're told they're still trying to process what happened to them on a crowded sidewalk. police say this chaos on the vegas strip was no accident. tonight we're learning more about lakeisha holloway, a mother from oregon now in custody and accused of plowing into dozens with her young daughter in the backseat. >> being homeland and on my own taught me how to stand on my own two feet. >> reporter: that's holloway in a job training program. plils say she was living in her car days before that car sent pedestrians flying, including six poeceople from this bucks county university. >> i think it's crazy that it happened to a team here, because you don't think it will be people that you know. >> reporter: members of the dal-val wrestling team were headed to a movie when the car
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came at them. >> mostly bumps, scrapes, bruises. no broken bones. >> reporter: the coach said the way they helped the other victims were amazing. it wasn't competing in that tournament that brought them out to vegas. >> he didn't want the students to focus on the wrestling but focus on themselves and getting emotionally right after witnessing what they were a part of. >> reporter: on campus in doylestown, the team practiced tonight. they know the guys who were hurt. >> it's not often you get the opportunity to go to las vegas. something like that happens, which you really aren't expecting. it's unfortunate, and i hope the best for all of them. >> reporter: the coach is already in touch with a counseling in las vegas, and they'll continue those counseling services when the students return here tomorrow. new at 11:00, a south jersey han handy man is accused of stealing jewelry and there is a warrant
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out for his arrest. he stole a wedding ring tuesday after doing work there. the employee of the suspect's company pawned the $12,000 ring a short time later. officers tracked it down using an electronic database and returned the ring to its owner. they asked for people who have used the handyman to check for anything that might be missing from their homes. philadelphia's next mayor flipped a switch for the franklin square electrical spectacle tonight. mayor-elect jim kinney was dressed as buddy the elf. and he had some help from santa claus. well, four days until christmas and the holiday spirit is definitely bright in wilmington. hard to miss this house from sky force 10. barely a sliver of darkness around this home on pryor road. this week, though, it's not going to feel like christmas.
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>> no, glen, it's more like labor day with these temperatures we're having. >> and it's going to get warmer and warmer with the weather that we've ever seen since september. that's if you go back to 1972. we were chilly over the weekend, but those were just average temperatures for this time of the year. we got spoiled with how much warmth we had. it felt cold, didn't it? 57 the high today. that occurred this evening. and tomorrow will be in the 60s. 20 degrees above average. look at the temperature now. 55 degrees. we're 42 in reading. even that is kind of mild. there is rain back to the west. going to take a little while to get in here, but there is that threat for the morning rush. we'll talk more about the timing of the rain and just how warmth incredible stretch of weather is getting with the 7-day in a few minutes. septa has suspended the bus
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driver scene in this video as it investigates his confrontation with a passenger. take a look. earlier on you saw the driver walk over to that woman standing in the center aisle of that bus. he throws what appears to be bottled water in her face as she tries to push him away. that incident happened in olney on friday. a woman says bill cosby tried to drug her and sexually assault her in the 1980s. now bill cosby is suing her. they accused him of sexual abuse in court. cosby claims johnson is lying in an attempt to rekindle her career. he says his wife was with him when johnson claims she was drugged and that he never spent time alone with the supermodel. a republican drops out and new details about the san bernardino shootings. >> those stories top what made
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news across the country. no bail for the mana kusd of supplying weapons to the two san bernardino shooters. enrique marquez is a continuing danger to the community. he is charged with buying the weapons they used in the attack and fraud. he is also charged with abandoned terror threats in 2011 and 2012. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham has ended his run for president. graham released a video today announcing the suspension of his campaign. he has been mired near the bottom of the polls since announcing his bid on june 1st. graham has given no indication who he plans to support in the race. new tonight a grand jury says it will not indict anyone in the texas sheriff's office or jail workers in the death of sandra bland last summer. the grand jury says no felony crime was ever kwhicommitted. however, they did not reach a decision yet on whether the trooper who arrested bland should face charges.
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she was pulled over for making an improper lane change. they argued and the trooper arrested her for assault. she died in her jail cell a few days later. a new trial for baltimore police officer william porter is set to start next june 13th. porter is one of six officers facing charges in the death of freddie gray. his first trial ended with a hung jury and mistrial last week. a court spokeswoman says the new date has to be approved at a hearing tomorrow. freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while riding in a police van after his april arrest. the next officer to face trial is caesar goodson on january 6. the department of justice will be in philadelphia tomorrow. it will release a report on the police department's use of deadly force here. it's the latest in a series of reports after a request from commissioner charles ramsey two years ago. ramsey asked for the justice department's health after a rise in police-involved shootings in philadelphia. tomorrow's report is a follow-up to an initial report released back in may. a pennsylvania supreme court
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justice at the center of a pornographic e-mail scandal was emotional as he took the stand in his defense today. nbc 10 was in easton as justice michael aiken arrived for a hearing. the hearing will determine whether aiken should be suspended while an ethics court investigates him. it's unclear when the court may rule on his possible suspension. >> the only comment is we're here at a request of the court. we're here to answer what they want us to answer. i trust you will all hear it, and i trust you will fairly report it. >> the scandal surfaced after attorney general kathleen kane released his e-mails. her trouble started when she released those e-mails. cane is now facing several perjury charges. the clock is ticking for last-minute christmas shoppers. >> if you still have some items to check off that list, one new
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jersey town is giving you all the time you need if you head out tonight. ♪ >> they sound great. downtown haddonfield leaving the lights on a little later tonight. many shops on kingshighway is staying open until the clock strikes 12:00. it's their second monday night event. next, gambling and smoking marijuana. the buzz for legalized pot. a driver takes off, leads police on a high-speed chase. police just couldn't believe who they saw running away from them. plus, liftoff into space tonight. with a rocket launch turnout a success after a disaster six months ago. i'm tracking rain for your morning rush. plus, we're going to shatter records this week. my first alert forecast next.
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. spacex stuck the landing after a launch on monday. the rocket took off from cape canavaral, florida around 8:00 p.m. eastern time. it took six satellites into orbit before landing intact back on earth. one is on hold after one of its rockets burst into flames in june. back here on earth, here's a high-speed chase with a twist. the driver is 13. he had his little sister with him, too, when he took off in his dad's girlfriend's car in michigan saturday night. the boy eventually loses control of the car, and look at that. he and his sister take off running before police rounded both of them up.
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new at 11:00, there is a new push tonight to make recreational marijuana legal in atlantic city. reed gutsiara is behind the push. >> he seeplans to make a move t could legalize pot. he thinks that move would help the economy in the city. >> they are ordering the casino to pay more than $62 million in owed tax refunds. the casino missed a payment yesterday. they said if they have to pay it all at once, they could be forced into bankruptcy. borgata says they are not to blame for the financial situation. three former fire company members are charged with stealing thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds. some of it is state money to support volunteer fire companies. under arrest tonight are
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ex-coleman fire chief gary bryce, former company president, and daughter lauren, the former treasurer. >> gary, you got anything to say? >> police arrested gary bryce at his colwyn home today. he lived there with the cellinis. the three stole nearly $50 mi5$ from the fire department. a home invasion in norristown, montgomery county. police said a woman had to jump out a third story window to escape. several armed intruders went into her home. this is on corson street. it happened a short time ago. the woman was injured and went to the hospital. the suspects got away, so there have been no arrests tonight. new tonight, nbc 10's keith jones was spreading some holiday cheer. he stopped by conwell middle
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magnet school to wish the kids and their families a happy holiday. keith even did his best santa impersonation and handed out some gifts. well, we have an incredible week of weather ahead today. 57 degrees, 14 degrees above average, and it's going to be the coldest day of the week. we're going back into the 70s this week, perhaps the warmest december day ever recorded in philadelphia. records go back to 1872. we're also tracking some rain as early as tomorrow, and we will be smashing some records as the week goes on. we've had fairly cloudy skies. that hasn't stopped the temperature from going up. 55 degrees, winds south-southwest at 20 miles an hour. 20 degrees warmer than it was at this time last night. 20 degrees! in the lower 40s in reading and
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allentown, but even that is not all that cool for this time of the night at this time of the year, and look at all these numbers. 58 degrees in atlantic city right now. and over the weekend, yeah, it was chilly, but it seemed a lot colder than that. it was just about average. 57 today, 63, then 66. could get close to record territories on wednesday, and by thursday, christmas eve, we're going to smash the record. philadelphia's record 64 set last year. i'm predicting 75. you never see records broken by that much. and every place in our area is likely to set a record for christmas eve. that's not necessarily the only day to set records, but it's the most likely one. you can see some sprinkles down here in maryland. more activity in west virginia and eastern kentucky. some of that is going to be headed this way. it's not going to be cool when
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you get in the morning, but it may very well be wet. you can see some of this on the later computer guidance. you also see temperatures going into the 60s and general clearing in the afternoon. the afternoon rush should be dry. then for tomorrow night, look how mild it is. again, we're up near 60 degrees at night. and then as we go into wednesday, here's another area of rain, some of that on the heavy side coming through. but even that doesn't cool us down. we're still in the 60s. cloudy and mild way chanith a cf showers late tonight. 52 for the low, which is not low for this time of year. tomorrow, morning rain maybe into midday hours and warmer today. highs getting into the 60s, and the 7-day forecast close to record levels on wednesday despite some heavy showers, and then on thursday, christmas eve, one of the warmest, if not the
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warmest, summer day recorded in philadelphia. it doesn't cool off that much on christmas day or the rest of christmas weekend. that forecast is not for philadelphia in december, is it? maybe atlanta? jacksonville, florida? >> it is if you tell us it is. >> this is really bizarre. >> i like warm weather like the next person, but absolutely, i understand everyone saying, yeah, you want it a little cooler for at least the holiday. >> but do you know how cold people were this weekend? they were complaining about how cold it was. it was just an average day. >> we're not used to it, definitely. all right. it's going to be nice for eagles-redskins. the birds are getting ready for the redskins on saturday. and the flyers do something they haven't done all year, probably their best win of the season. that is next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net, flyers going for three straight wins at home for the first time this season, and this army specialist is home for the holidays. he surprises his family tonight at the game. home from hawaii. that is pretty cool. flyers fans get the gift of a huge comeback down 3-0 in the second period. how about that? chris van develd stuffs it home. wayne simmons with the goal. they're within one. and then power play to start the third period, deflected by simmons. we're tied at 3. late in the third, ryan white
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and mendevez. flyers win 4-3. >> coach had a little bit to say. i wasn't too impressed with our playing. we came back at three goals and pulled it out. >> is there a belief that wasn't there? >> i think we're a different team. earlier in the year we didn't have the confidence we have now, and i think it's all starting to come together. we're start to go work for each other and i think it's starting to show. >> the eagles after getting blown out last night by the cardinals, they can still win the division if they beat the redskins saturday night at the link and the giants' final game. the eagles still control their own destiny. the redskins are 1-5 on the road, getting outscored 183-110. all seven of their wins this year are against teams with a
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lozing record. the birds have been inconsistent. which team will show up on saturday? >> we got to do a better job from a coaching standpoint to put those guys in positions to make plays and play well on saturday against washington. >> you know, i think sometimes it's good because you're able to get that bad taste out of your mouth. >> beckham jr. suspended one game in the nfl, so he will play against the eagles in the final week. we'll be right back. holiday season's just like football season...
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. not exactly weather to roast chestnuts on and an open fire. >> hard to believe it's christmas week, and today was the coldest day of this christmas week. we're going into the 60s tomorrow, close to record levels on wednesday, the record almost
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assured for christmas eve. >> all right. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. good night, everyone. here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups...
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but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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